Claim Services

Post fixture coverage is essential to the commercial success of any shipping transaction. A fixture can only be declared as complete once all disputed amounts have been agreed and paid under the governing charter party.

Claim disputes are a major drain of company resources, both in terms of time and cash flow. TPT is providing full demurrage outsourcing solutions to characters and owners, as well as advice on specific claims.


  • Assess
  • Negotiate
  • Settle

Our team, with various backgrounds, ranging from ship owners and brokers to oil majors and trading houses, has therefore a unique insight ranging from demurrage to non-demurrage claims such as deviation, bunkers, security, war risk premiums, and other voyage-specific claims.

We have detailed knowledge and experience in claim recovery making us fully equipped to handle all forms of demurrage, from extensive backlogs, routine claims to live recoveries for the benefit of our clients.