S & P

The Sale and Purchase (S&P) of vessels is the most crucial part of every Shipowner’s business life.

Our S&P division provides accurate and up to date market intelligence and information, as well as a wealth of insight, experience and expertise in the process of buying and selling vessels, enabling us to ensure smooth and professional communication between parties, leading towards a successful transaction.

As a company we are pleased to offer prospective Buyers and Sellers the following services :

  • Sale and purchase
  • Ship valuation services
  • New building
  • Demolition
  • Market research

We have developed a unique understanding of the West African market and are well positioned to advise our clients on the most appropriate vessel, based on their commercial requirements and the logistical constraints in their area of operation.

Working in close collaboration with our chartering department we can propose a wide range of employment solutions in order to relocate any acquired vessel to the buyer’s area of operation.

To contact our S&P team for more information, please send an email to: